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Friday, March 12, 2010

The Man Behind the Scenes

Imagine being a player, if you can, and as your are sitting at Damon's Grille the day before the first round of the Mid-American Conference Tournament you see this video come up on the enormous flat screen above your table. It has been a season with more obstacles and struggles than in the past, you just got done traveling seven hours on a bus to Central Michigan and finals week is in the back of your mind, but one video can make you forget about all of the hard times. Nothing else is on your mind besides winning that championship that you have practiced three long hours a day, six days a week for. At least it has that effect on me, as well as the players, and it is all possible thanks to one member of the Bobcats crew that we haven't talked about yet, Daronce Daniels. 

Daniels is a video producer for sports marketing at Ohio University and is responsible for creating, along with Emmy-Award winning videographer Evan Shaw, the season highlight video above. A recent graduate of Elon University, Daronce says the best part about his job at Ohio University is when he gets to see the team's reaction to his work.  

"The best part is watching the players when the see the videos and seeing the look on their face. You know, making them excited or making them happy or whatever emotion you can bring out," said Daniels. 

At many universities the women's teams do not receive the same amount of coverage, or the same quality of coverage, due to lack of funding. At Ohio University, however, the video production team makes sure to cover all of the teams and the players couldn't be more thankful.

"I think that we do a great job of treating all of the sports equally and it is nice that people are trying to show that they support us," said senior Jennifer Bushby

Senior Jenny Poff, a transfer from Michigan State University, says she was used to a strong following and that the videos and articles on are important to maintaining a support system.

"When people and fans can't come out to the games all the time it is important for them to be able to keep up with the team somehow," Poff said. "The videos that Daronce and Evan work on help to show what's going on because sometimes just an article can't show that."  

When I asked the seniors about the highlight video in particular, they only had great things to say. 

"The video was phenomenal," Bushby added. "That was one of the best highlight videos I have seen since I have been here. The music is cool, the graphics are amazing and I was impressed. It had the effect it should have had."   

Senior Jenny Poff had a similar reaction.

"That was really good. That is what a highlight video is supposed to do," she said. "It is supposed to pump you up and get you excited to play. I was really impressed by the graphics and the effects. It definitely worked."

If Daniels was being honest when he said his favorite part of the job is making players excited to play, then mission accomplished. 

Fun Fact: The Men's basketball team is in the semi-finals today! 

Go Bobcats! 


  1. The passion and companionship of the team you showcase on your blog is very inspiring. It seems that no matter what happens, the team sticks together and doesn't get let down easily. While the Lady Bobcats may not have had a good a season as they would have liked, I think they should be proud of the kind of team they have become, which is apparent in the video.

  2. The Bushby shot at the end is epic. Hopefully the men can have some success as well when they're out dancing.

  3. I really do think the sporting videos here at OU are excellent. And it definitely is inspiring to see your team in a good video.